Portion Perfection Bariatric Kit-n-Karry, Lunch Bag

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Portion Perfections Bariatric kit-n-karry Lunchbag is filled with everything you need to make the perfect portioned sized lunch, dinner or breakfast on the go.

We've put a lot of planning into his handy insulated bag, it's made from sturdy hardwearing canvas with easy to access compartments, and includes a place to add your own drink bottle as well as sections for the included cutlery, Snacker and sauce/dressing jar. There’s also a detachable shoulder strap so you can keep your hands free when heading out and about. 

The bariatric kit-n-karry contains the following products:

  • The Portion Perfection Bari-Prepper (glass lunchbox) with discreet markings on the base so you know how to portion out your meals. The volume holds 1 cup divided internally into 2 x 1/2 cup serves so it is just right for post-surgery.
  • The Portion Perfection Snacker with a handy downloadable chart so you know which snacks belong in each sized container to create approx. 100 Calorie snacks.
  • A measured sauce/dressing container so you can add them at lunchtime.
  • Portion Perfection Cutlery Set, in their own neoprene pouch, including small headed Fork and Spoon to slow eating, and serrated Spreader Knife, so you can slice anything required.
  • 100% Cotton Fabric Napkin, which doubles as a handy placemat.
  • Ice Brick so your meals stay cool and fresh.