Portion Control Help for Professionals

Why Patients & Client’s Don’t Do As They’re Told…

The simple reason people rarely do ‘as they’re told’ is because they’re ‘told.’ Current research indicates only 10% of information received aurally is fully understood and retained.

Put it in writing? Only 20% of the information hits the mark. But take the same information and present it visually, with photos and illustration, and 80% is understood and retained.

Putting Your Wisdom Into Pictures

Portion Perfection presents generally accepted practices of leading bariatric, dietetic and nutritional professionals ‘visually’ with the use of illustration, photography and visual aids. When a patient or client walks out of your office with their Portion Perfection tool kit they’re up to 400% more likely to not only understand how but actually apply the practices you preach to their everyday lives.

Free Educational Pages

Here you'll find free education pages you can use with your patients for general weight reduction and bariatrics. There's a space at the bottom of the page for you to enter your practice details and affiliate code where appropriate. These education pages encourage clients to get started with portion control straight away and guides them to us should they be serious about implementing portion control. 

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