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Do you need help or extra resources to guide your lifestyle? Maybe you are about to have bariatric surgery, or you may be down the road, and looking to pull out some initial strategies to get you back on track.

Introducing Beyond Bariatric Surgery — an online source of information available 24/7 providing the necessary tools and guidance to transition from obsessing over your weight to focusing on a fulfilling life.

Our courses are diligently designed to support you through every phase, pre and post-surgery. We cover not only the dietary aspects but also delve into the comprehensive factors that occur, affecting your weight loss journey.



As a dietitian of over 30 years, with over 20 in bariatric surgery, I have gathered, created and developed the tools most helpful to your needs. Allow me to guide you through the path to your final settling point with some clear, concise and very realistic advice.

Are you at a crossroads, contemplating or having already undergone life-changing bariatric surgery?

The journey can be overwhelming, weight regain, lifestyle adjustments, and post-surgery uncertainties may appear daunting.

Hi there, I'm Amanda Clark, an Advanced Accredited Dietitian and weight management expert, dedicated to guiding individuals like you through the intricate path of bariatric surgery. 


About the Pre Bariatric Surgery Mini Course


Embark on our Pre-Bariatric Surgery Mini Course, specifically tailored for the critical two weeks prior to surgery and the subsequent four or more weeks post-surgery. We guide you through the journey, addressing crucial areas such as pre-surgery VLCD weight loss, goal setting, post-surgery expectations, and the transition from fluids to solid foods. This is perfect if you don’t have access to a dietitian with as much experience. 


This course will help you with:

  • Pre surgery VLCD diet – what to eat and drink
  • Setting goals before your surgery – what to expect
  • The immediate post surgery period – what is normal
  • Transitioning from fluids to puree – when and what
  • Moving onto solid food – and the rest of your life



About the Post-Surgery 6 Week Essentials Course

For those further along or just graduating from the mini course, our 6 Week Essentials Course steps in. It covers a spectrum of topics—from goal setting and post-surgery implementation to balanced nutrition on a smaller scale. We address eating behaviours, meal planning, grocery shopping, and even how to manage various meals and situations in daily life, advocating for a holistic approach that includes the importance of exercise and relaxation.


In this course we delve into:

  • Goal setting and implementation after surgery
  • Getting back to eating normal foods and the portion sizes suitable for maintaining your new stomach size.
  • The importance of vitamins & minerals, protein, fibre and fluids
  • Eating behaviours & habits that lead to success
  • Nutritional balance on a smaller serving size
  • Meal planning
  • Navigating the supermarket
  • Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, eating out and cooking for others
  • The importance of exercise and relaxation as part of a successful outcome



Let's navigate this transformative journey together. Beyond Bariatric Surgery is your comprehensive support system, empowering you not only to lose weight but to enhance your overall health and well-being, ensuring a successful, fulfilling outcome so you can “move on” and enjoy life without focussing on your weight.

We offer the complete package, with products, services and tools available to support your learnings. You can purchase both the Mini Course and the 6 Week Course together as a bundle and pay just $349
(that's a saving of $349)



Meet our Weight Management Expert, Amanda Clark

Amanda Clark is an Advanced Accredited Practising Dietitian (AdvAPD), a distinction held by the top two percent of dietitians who are the recognised leaders in their field. With qualifications from the University of Sydney and over three decades of experience, Amanda has established herself as a trailblazer and innovator.

Amanda has attracted two national awards, for innovation and excellence, a testament to her outstanding contributions in promoting creative ideas in the field of dietetics.

Amanda's expertise has gained her recognition beyond her profession. She has made appearances on Australian TV including A Current Affair, Sunrise, Today Tonight, Mornings with Kerry-Anne, 9 News and more. Amanda has been featured in health-related articles in publications including Woman's Day, New Idea, Who magazine, Women’s Health and the Huffington Post. Her unique talent lies in helping individuals understand the right portion sizes based on their calorie requirements and how to manage their energy intake effectively in meals and snacks.

Amanda is the founder of Great Ideas in Nutrition, her Gold Coast-based practice, which provides clear, concise, and realistic guidance on food and nutrition. She is the creator and author of a suite of practical and physical tools, to assist individuals in managing portion sizes – the Portion Perfection books, complemented by plates, bowls, meal prep containers and more were designed by Amanda for effective portion control and available in two separate versions - general weight loss and bariatric surgery weight loss.

Recognising the lack of available resources for individuals undergoing Bariatric Surgery, Amanda took the initiative to create a series of online courses entitled "Beyond Bariatric Surgery: Everything You Need to Move On." Her goal was to ensure that patients would consistently have access to dietitian-provided information at any point in their bariatric surgery journey. As the name implies, Amanda’s wish for you is that you can absorb this information, form healthy habits and “move on” to more interesting things that don’t involve your weight.

Amanda Clark has helped thousands of bariatric surgery patients successful navigate their pre and post-surgery journey... and now you can have access her help too.


 Here’s what our clients love about our Bariatric Surgery Support and the Portion Perfection System

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